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Kezliegh, also known as Amy Merritt is a Canadian new media artist who grew up in Muskoka, a small region north of Toronto, Ontario. 

She specializes in contemporary art, often exploring themes of time and place and self-expression. Kezliegh's work features bright colours, digitally painted or drawn strokes, and abstract shapes. Her art is heavily influenced by her background in design and her interest in nostalgia. 

Her work has been featured in several publications and has been shown in galleries internationally. Kezliegh's art is a reflection of their own identity and a way of communicating their perspective and experiences with the world.
Kezliegh is currently working hard at becoming a noteworthy artist and producing new work in her small studio in Toronto, Ontario.

Studio Practise

"My artwork is a way of expressing the complex human experience. Through my pieces, I seek to create a dialogue between the viewer and the work, allowing them to draw their own meaning from the imagery and materials I use. My process involves taking a moment from reality, whether it be an experience, a memory, or a feeling, and transforming it into a tangible work of art. To achieve this, I begin by gathering images, listening to music, re-reading journal entries, and meditating. I then manipulate my inspiration on my tablet, solidifying the work before having it printed on acrylic glass and cut into its respective shapes.

I choose acrylic glass because of its transparency and durability, allowing me to create works that are both visually captivating and long-lasting.

Each one of my pieces is one-of-a-kind."


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