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The Artist Project 2024

"Discover original works of art from over 200 independent artists from across Canada and join collectors and curators, gallerists and designers, who make Artist Project their destination for new talent. Here you can meet and buy art directly from the artists and support the next generation of Canadian artists.

We are the place that connects art lovers with art makers. Because we believe that how we view art is a reflection of our human experience." The Artist Project

Better Living Center, Exhibition Place
Opening Night: Thursday, April 11th, 6 pm-8 pm

Friday + Saturday 12 noon - 8 pm

Sunday 12 noon - 6 pm

Art Fair


Kezleigh Artist Project 2024 Award.jpg

Happy as can be as this year's Gladstone House Award winner!

Keeping Dreams

"The Women’s Art Association of Canada (WAAC) presents Keeping Dreams, an evocative group exhibition poised to unravel the intricate tapestry of resilience and the pursuit of happiness. Set to grace the walls of WAAC’s Dignam Gallery in Toronto from March 22 to April 13, 2024, this group show brings together artists from across Ontario from diverse backgrounds and disciplines exploring the depths of human experience. From personal narratives of triumph over adversity to symbolic representations of endurance, artists unveil their stories through painting, photography, mixed media, video, sculpture, and more.

Artworks in Keeping Dreams stimulate an open space for dialogue, reflection, and connection, where diverse perspectives converge to illuminate the strength inherent in the human spirit. Visitors are welcome to consider their journeys of resilience, find solace, and understanding for one another, and inspiration in the power of storytelling through art."- WAAC

Women's Art Association of Canada
Opening Night: Thursday, March 23rd 2024, 1 pm - 4 pm

Exhibition Dates: March 23rd - April 13th 2024

Regular Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 11 am - 5 pm


Kezliegh-Walking With Heart-Towards Each Other
Annual Juried Exhibition

"Each year, Latcham Art Centre hosts the Annual Juried Exhibition and invites artists from all over Ontario to submit their work. Three distinguished jurors from a variety of art backgrounds are given the task of choosing the works for this highly anticipated annual exhibition.

A maximum of two recent original artworks may be submitted by each artist along with the submission form and fee. A total of $1000 in juror’s awards is presented each year at the opening reception event where visitors can meet many of the exhibiting artists."- Latcham Art Centre

Latcham Art Centre
Opening Night: Monday, March 25th, 7 pm - 9 pm

Exhibition Dates: March 25th - April 27th


You'll mix up every detail of every story.jpg
Every Woman Biennial

The Biennial engages artists, through a democratic open call, to cross-pollinate with each other from a variety of mediums, generations, and racial and ethnic backgrounds. The salon-style exhibition features painting, photography, installation, sculpture, video art, textile, and multimedia works, activated by performance, dance, music, poetry readings, theater, and film.

La Mama Galeria
March 02 - 24 2024

Group Exhibition


Kezleigh_Things Come In Threes_20x20_Digital Paint on Acrylic Glass.jpg
Canvas of Renewal
Kezliegh-Walking With Heart-Towards Each Other

"Embark on a creative journey that mirrors the essence of new beginnings! Kefi Art Gallery's newest virtual exhibition “Canvas of Renewal” invites you to witness the transformative power of art as artists explore uncharted territories, redefine their narratives, and breathe life into fresh visions. Each brushstroke on the canvas or photo captured encapsulates the spirit of starting anew. Join us as we unveil a tapestry of artistic evolution, where the past converges with the present, birthing a vibrant spectrum of creativity that blooms with the promise of limitless potential. Discover the magic that unfolds when artists embrace their art medium as a gateway to endless new beginnings.“

 Enjoy exploring the virtual gallery!

Kefi Fine Art Gallery
Tuesday, August 29 - Tuesday, October 03

Virtual Exhibition


The Way I See It.jpg
Urban Futurities

"Cold metal construction cranes loom over neighbourhoods by the dozens. Gentrification rubs up against inter-generational communities pushing people to downsize. Artists flee the urban centres towards affordability in outlying regions. Tent cities crop up in underpasses and clusters of trees on the edges of the parks. Urban populations are experiencing precarity on all levels. Politicians wring their hands and spew broken promises from glass towers. Inflation, the housing crisis, and gentrification are calling into question the future of our global cities. Affordability, rising food costs, skyrocketing rents and real estate development are pushing people to the margins. Urban Futurities gives us a creative window into the housing crisis through art and imagination. There is a way our cities can thrive. There are solutions. There are viable alternatives to the direction we are moving in. This exhibition aims to think through how we can imagine an equitable future for citizens in which urban centres are healthy and livable places for us all. "  Ilene Sova

The Propeller Art Gallery
Opening Reception: Thursday, August 24, 5 – 8 pm
Curator & Artist Talks: Sunday, September 10, 3 pm


A contemporary artwork; two figures hold their hands up in front of their face
Artist Project

The Better Living Centre
April 13th - 16th


Discover and connect with over 250 independent artists at Artist Project in Toronto from April 13-16, 2023. Experience a stimulating environment designed to ignite enriching conversations and foster a personal connection with art. Explore thousands of artworks, large scale installations, enjoy curator led art tours and take home that special work that truly resonates with you.

To be among the first to experience the fair, join us for our Opening Night Preview with live DJ sets, fashion shows by Fashion Art Toronto and delicious food and beverage vendors onsite.

Kezleigh poses in front of her booth at the 2023 Artist Project
A patron looks at artwork by Kezleigh at the 2023 Artist Project
A group of patrons look at Kezliegh's artwork at the 2023 Artist Project
A patron at the 2023 Artist Project takes a photo of a child in front od Kezleigh's booth

The Propeller Art Gallery
January 25th - March 26th

Artist Talk: February 4th 3 pm EST

unframed presents artwork on paper, textiles, fiber, unstretched canvas, non-traditional substrates, 3D constructions, and sculptures. Propeller encouraged artists to use ingenuity and alternative ways of presenting work. The result is an exhibition of imaginative and experimental artwork. Freedom of expression and experimental creativeness of the artists prevail throughout the exhibition. Artists have used unique substrates paired with ingenious ways of hanging the artwork.

Artwork called "Me" by artist Kezleigh
Winter Emerging Artist Exhibit

Gallery 1313
January 4th - 15th

Reception Jan. 5

Gallery 1313 is pleased to showcase over 15 artists in this first exhibition of 2023, The Gallery going into year 26 has long supported emerging artists and this exhibit curated by Director, Phil Anderson introduces the public to a variety of artworks using different media.

Image of blue rock artwork by Kezleigh
Artwork called "Me" by Kezleigh

Propeller Art Gallery
July 13th - September 13th

"In an age where everything is being questioned; gender and sexuality, family dynamics, self-identity, relationship expectations, religion, politics, careers, lifestyle, and even geography; there is an incredible amount of room for interpretation and freedom within this exhibition. The most important thing is that the art reflects each artist’s thoughts and feelings on growing up in this time of great societal change."

Mannequin artwork by Kezleigh



Art3f Bordeaux flyer 2022

Bordeaux, France

May 25th - 29th

Parc des Expositions de Bordeaux Lac

A city that is famous all over the world for hosting the most number of wine fairs and festivals throughout the year. Bordeaux, France is home to the Parc des Expositions de Bordeaux Lac, which is an excellent venue to host the art3f Bordeaux-International Contemporary Art Fair. Featuring prestigious works, paintings, sculpture, photography, and ceramics.

Luxembourg Art Fair 2022 Flyer


May 19th - 22nd 2022

LuxExpo The Box

"Our definition of contemporary art gets rid of discourse and symbolism for the benefit of living artists and the emotion aroused by their works. The search for the beautiful, the living art, the intelligence of the hand, the emotion, the aesthetics, this is what we claim and what we believe in!"

Muskoka Collective Building

September 2021

The Muskoka Collective is a group of passionate individuals committed to making a positive difference in the work-life of our members through smart design that connects and supports productivity and collaborative experiences.


5th Anniversary Edition Issue #28


January 29, 2022

An online article with an in-depth write-up of my story of becoming an artist. 


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